Milwaukee Family Vacation

Hello sisters,

The last weekend of February Kevin and I decided to take a little time off (prompted by our babysitter needing a Thursday and Friday off) and go on a mini family vacation. The end of January into February ended up being a more stressful time for us; the hot water heating pipes in our attic crawlspace burst and leaked onto Calvin’s ceiling and down into our basement (fixing it all wasn’t too horrible, luckily), Kevin and I got food poisoning a week after that happened, then two weeks later we all got colds. Combine that with a weekend of Chamber Chorale concerts Feb. 13 and 14 and we were really needing a break from our hectic home life. One of my favorite things about our trip home over the holidays was how road-tripping makes you feel like a little family bubble, working together and being free from all schedules and routines. We wanted that feeling again, so we decided to drive to Milwaukee, WI for a very quick trip. Continue reading “Milwaukee Family Vacation”