Guest Post: Ideologies and Struggles from Marcus Epps

Ideologies and Struggles

Pedagogy of Males in a Female-Dominated Household

By the Tall Dark Handsome One


Me: “Look, Esther, Kevin set rules and guidelines for himself. I have no intentions of doing that.”

Esther: “You really should though.”

So, here are a few things that my wife instructed me to do when writing my section of the post:

  1. No morbid sarcasm (emphasis hers)
  2. Piggyback (or “froggyhop,” as she said in a moment of mental weakness) off of past posts for inspiration
  3. Try not to just make fun of me the whole time

Isn’t there some saying that goes like, “Listen to your wife, or sleep on the couch for life”? Maybe I just made that up; in that case: ©2015. Continue reading “Guest Post: Ideologies and Struggles from Marcus Epps”

Guest Post: Ramblings and Musings from Kevin Aagaard

Ramblings and Musings

Stream of consciousness from a grown up child

 KEVIN J AAGAARD is not an easy place to find. is easier, but someone already claimed that name. AND POSTED ONE THING EVER.

Anyway, I mentioned this Christmas break that I would be willing to take part in a guest post since it can be so hard to come up with things to talk about often enough to stick to a rigid schedule.


Really though, it seems like kind of a chore to consistently write blog posts, mostly because writing is boring and feels like homework. Worst of all is having to apply a filter to everything I say, so it can’t just be stream of consciousness. When I got right down to it, I realized I had to lay out some rules for myself.


  1. Don’t be mean
  2. Be fashionably literate.
  3. That’s it.

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