Christmas 2015: A Look Back

Dear sisters,

It’s only been a few weeks since Christmas, but our trip back East felt so momentous that I had to document it here on the blog. Here’s the headline I give when talking about our trip:

We drove about 55 hours over 16 days and went through 10 states to visit both of our families. On our first day we decided to drive over 1000 miles to get to Alfred, NY. Calvin was pretty much an angel baby in the car and handled the whole trip with minimal fussing (though it helped that I could nurse him in his car seat and sat and read many books to him when he got bored, I’m so thankful that books hold his attention for awhile).

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Throwback Thursday: CHRISTMAS!

Dear sisters,

Every time the holiday season comes around Kevin and I are hit hard with a big dose of nostalgia and sentimentality. Decorations, Christmas music, eggnog, cookies and treats; they’re all very welcome guests in our house! If you added up all of my childhood memories I think at least 50% of them would be from Christmastime. It’s such a vivid time of year with excitement and anticipation galore, a perfect recipe for lasting memories.

My first Christmas!
Calvin’s first Christmas! I see a bit of family resemblance :-).

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Giving Thanks 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us! We know that Advent has already started and the Christmas season is upon us, but we thought it would be fun to have a little remembrance of Thanksgiving 2015.

Jewel: Our Thanksgiving was a Friendsgiving this year! We celebrated with wonderful friends from La Crosse. When we went around before eating to say what we were each thankful for almost everyone mentioned having found such great friends. Kevin and I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to have met this past year. It makes being so far from family a bit easier. Thanksgiving was so fun with our cute little baby.

Someone LOVES standing up. It makes him so proud and happy.

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