DIY magnetic spice rack

Hello sisters/world,

As some of you have seen from another post, I (Esther) love to decorate. Combine that with Marcus’ love of organizing (he spent several hours separating screws by size today…), and my husband and I spend most weekends cleaning, organizing, rearranging, or making stuff. One nifty project was making a magnetic spice rack! We have a small kitchen, so being able to attach our spice rack to the side of the fridge is an excellent feature of a magnetic spice rack.

Jewel was the original magnetic-spice-rack-maker. We are both here to tell you how it went and what we love/don’t love about it!

Jewel here: I was the first to go for magnetic ball jar spice holders and it’s something that is always commented on when people visit. It’s a lovely way to store spices: you can see them, they’re so handy, they don’t take up counter or drawer space. It’s basically a win win. This was the post that inspired me: Continue reading “DIY magnetic spice rack”

Calvin’s first year for posterity

Dear sisters,

Kevin and I have never been huge celebrators of things. Birthdays and anniversaries go by with smiles and sweet thoughts, sometimes a present or special meal, but usually we just celebrate the little things throughout the year. Moments when we have extra in our budget and can go get flowers for the yard, or when we’ve saved up enough to get a new laptop and can pull the trigger, or when we’re not too tired and seem to be working extra well together and everything clicks. Every once in awhile something comes along that feels extraordinary, worth celebrating to the max. Calvin turning one fit the bill. Continue reading “Calvin’s first year for posterity”

Giving Thanks 2015

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us! We know that Advent has already started and the Christmas season is upon us, but we thought it would be fun to have a little remembrance of Thanksgiving 2015.

Jewel: Our Thanksgiving was a Friendsgiving this year! We celebrated with wonderful friends from La Crosse. When we went around before eating to say what we were each thankful for almost everyone mentioned having found such great friends. Kevin and I couldn’t imagine a better group of people to have met this past year. It makes being so far from family a bit easier. Thanksgiving was so fun with our cute little baby.

Someone LOVES standing up. It makes him so proud and happy.

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Sisters together: From whence we came

Happy Birthday Mom!


This little blog has been around for what feels like a long time now (it will be a year old in May!), and we haven’t done a proper homage to the mother of these five devoted sisters. I think her birthday is as good a time as any for us to talk about how wonderful and important she’s been in our lives. Continue reading “Sisters together: From whence we came”

We Remember Ellen

On January 4, 2015, our beloved high school English teacher and theater director Ellen Shultz passed away. You can read her obituary here. Janna and I got the news while in the car on the way home from the winter Buckwalter reunion. We started thinking and talking about her influence on us and our memories of her, which led us to writing about it here…

Janna here. Did you have much experience with Ellen, youngest sisters? I blame her for the fact that I never have free time. Remember before I started theater? I used to get so much sleep, travel to exotic places that exist in real life. No longer.

Drama Club photo from my senior year yearbook.
Drama Club photo from my senior year yearbook. Rachel and I got the two shoulder seats. This may look small, but number-wise it is only about 8 people less than my entire graduating class.

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