food, glorious food

Hi sisters.

I have felt my creative cooking energy returning with the influx of fresh produce with the start of summer. I thought I’d share with you what’s been happening in our kitchen recently.

My love affair with rhubarb continues. I’m so intrigued by it. It’s used mostly in desserts but it’s sour. I love that! I’ve been playing around with having it as the centerpiece of a dessert rather than always pairing it with something else. Recently I made this galette which turned out great, so I made it again. Caution: use less sugar than what is listed, if you want the nice sour flavor to come through. I used maybe 1/3 a cup the first time I made it and it was great. The second time I followed the recipe more closely (I probably added 1/2 cup, maybe more?) and it was a bit too sweet.

I also like to make rhubarb simple syrup for cocktails. It’s such a pretty light pink color and it adds a unique flavor to drinks. We made this cocktail with the simple syrup and enjoyed it (note: use less sugar for the syrup–you definitely don’t need a full cup!). You’ll notice that the cocktail and the galette both pair rhubarb with ginger–it’s a great combination.

All the rhubarb in all the things! Cocktails and galette.
All the rhubarb in all the things! Cocktails and galette.

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Organizing our lives

Hi sisters,

After 6.5 years of marriage Kevin and I have finally hit upon some tools that really help us communicate effectively. We would often get frustrated over the little details in our lives and how often one of us would forget something or miscommunicate our plans/desires/budget. Though it seems a bit over the top sometimes, we both really love organizing and listing aspects of our lives via technology. Here’s what really works for us now.

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My week in food

Hi sisters,

Every once in awhile I feel like I do well with meal planning and end up making meals that I’m actually excited to eat. I thought I’d share my plan from this past week for those of you who are feeling stumped in the kitchen. I’m only going to share the big meal of the day because breakfast and lunch are usually super boring for me. Continue reading “My week in food”