Eve’s birthday 

Hi sisters,

After the heartache of the past week and a half, here are a few photos from Eve’s birthday party. How thankful I am for my family that helped me learn to love beyond the boundaries around race, religion, gender, and sexuality that some people have been trying to draw in heartbreaking ways since the election.

Sustainance for the party ahead.
Grandpa made a big leaf pile. Eve helped keep it organized.
Miriam felt that there should have been gifts for her to celebrate her anniversary of becoming a big sister. So we made a crown for her.
Pose choices were all hers.

Happy birthday, dear Eve. You are loved abundantly. May you love abundantly.

Your aunt Janna.

Chocolate and tea

Hi sisters,

Here’s a quickly-snapped still life from internship today.

I’m in the break room, working on paperwork, since the wireless network sometimes decides that the trip to my office space is way too far. We work it hard. I understand. There’s a comfy love seat in the break room where I can tuck my feet under me and work on termination summaries.

In the mug is a hot drink I made up this semester, which I discovered on a day that we were out of creamer, and have been drinking, um, a lot since. It’s inspired by those Earl Grey truffles we’ve made a few times, Rach. Continue reading “Chocolate and tea”

9 months out.

Dear sisters,

Calvin has now spent 9 months in the real world after spending 9 months in the uterine world. How bizarre that 9 months ago we didn’t know this bundle of cuteness. Here are some things I want to remember about Calvin at this stage.

Checking in at the doctor:

  • WEIGHT:19 lbs 10 ounces
  • HEIGHT: 28 inches
  • SHEER AMAZINGNESS: Off the charts.

Continue reading “9 months out.”