Writing again to share…

Hello sisters,

This blog has been on a long hiatus. I don’t know how much I’ll be writing here in the future, now that I’m expecting another baby, but I know I enjoy looking back at these posts. A lot of big moments have been written about here (and little ones too, which is just as nice), but I thought I’d add another big one.

Kevin and I are moving again, to Fort Collins, Colorado. Now, some of you may be wondering, wait…Colorado is farther away from family and friends, and you’d be right! Kevin and I had been hoping to get back to the East Coast eventually. Being within driving distance of many of our loved ones would be lovely, but at the same time, permanent jobs in the field of ecology are also lovely!

Winter in Fort Collins
I think I may have to learn how to ski…

As Kevin’s post doc started winding down (and federal funding became less of a certainty…), he started applying to permanent jobs. There were lots of fish in the water, but the one that took his bait was Colorado Parks and Wildlife Service in Fort Collins, CO where he will be a spatial ecologist! It’s another big move, farther west. Kevin joked that in 10 years we’ll be in Japan at this rate. Continue reading “Writing again to share…”

36 weeks: Jewel’s turn

36 weeks
36 weeks and I have a basketball belly! This is my normal home attire. Leggings or yoga pants, sometimes I wear a massive XL sweatshirt, but that does not photograph well.

I find it sweet that back in October Rachel posted about being 36 weeks and great with child. How quickly time has flown and here I am as well! “Great with child” is a good way to describe this time. This little child is moving, kicking and making me feel off balance and front heavy. Luckily, I still feel mostly agile and am still sleeping really well through the night. Most of the worst back and hip pain came between 20-27 weeks, now my body feels pretty accepting of this large invader. Continue reading “36 weeks: Jewel’s turn”

A full life: Jewel at 31 weeks

Dear sisters,

Life (and my belly) has felt really full these past two weeks! I’m really enjoying this stage of pregnancy. Having a big belly hasn’t gotten annoying or too uncomfortable yet, and I finally feel like a cute pregnant woman. Up til now I just felt like a swollen lady, but now that the belly is the biggest part of me, it makes the rest of me look petite ;-). I decided this week I would take a picture a day (though I missed Monday) to document how I’ve been dressing the bump and to try to give you an idea of what I look like throughout ordinary life. I have to admit, I tried a bit harder to come up with cute outfits this week since I knew I’d be taking pictures. Continue reading “A full life: Jewel at 31 weeks”

Our blog isn’t only about babies, it just seems like it sometimes…


Our blog is a bit baby crazy it seems, not that I mind too much. It will be sweet to look back at our posts about new babies and pregnancy in 5 or 10 years and see how much has changed. Friends and sisters who want to hear about other aspects of my life, be patient. Hopefully next week we’ll get some new perspectives, including a special guest post from two devoted husbands that isn’t baby related :-). Now, onto MORE BABY TALK!

I’m at week 26 and things are getting real! The baby moves a lot more, especially when my bladder is full. Lately, I’ll feel the need to go and it is urgent, because baby will start moving around and kicking up a storm. We went to see the Hobbit and baby boy seemed to really like it, he kicked so much Kevin could feel it too. We’re the weirdos in the movie theater now. Imagine, a thrilling fight scene on screen, and a pregnant lady with her husband’s hand on her belly, beaming. It seems extra special when Kevin can feel it too. Continue reading “Our blog isn’t only about babies, it just seems like it sometimes…”