Life lately

Hi sisters,

I wrote this post 2 weeks ago, so it feels a bit dated. Calvin is changing at such a quick pace, learning more expressions and saying words more clearly. But here is a bit of an update about our lives lately.

In May we enjoyed a visit from Mom and Dad over the week o13227595_10204553149748292_2012715915268047601_of my final Chamber Chorale concert for the season, so it was a wonderful time for them to be here!

I got to wear a “My Fair Lady” costume for our fundraising dinner/silent auction featuring songs from Lerner & Loewe. I got to sing “Without You” from My Fair Lady and it was a blast! Kevin got a lot of alone time with Calvin as Mom, Dad and I went to rehearsals and showed a family friend around town, which was sweet for him. Mom and Dad got to spend one entire afternoon watching Calvin while I went to work and I know they had a great time. It is so wonderful having family around. We’re looking forward to having some more visitors this summer! It makes us melancholy as we realize how far everyone is travelling. Where is the magical device we’ve all been waiting for that can transport us across countries? Continue reading “Life lately”


DIY magnetic spice rack

Hello sisters/world,

As some of you have seen from another post, I (Esther) love to decorate. Combine that with Marcus’ love of organizing (he spent several hours separating screws by size today…), and my husband and I spend most weekends cleaning, organizing, rearranging, or making stuff. One nifty project was making a magnetic spice rack! We have a small kitchen, so being able to attach our spice rack to the side of the fridge is an excellent feature of a magnetic spice rack.

Jewel was the original magnetic-spice-rack-maker. We are both here to tell you how it went and what we love/don’t love about it!

Jewel here: I was the first to go for magnetic ball jar spice holders and it’s something that is always commented on when people visit. It’s a lovely way to store spices: you can see them, they’re so handy, they don’t take up counter or drawer space. It’s basically a win win. This was the post that inspired me: Continue reading “DIY magnetic spice rack”

sister love

Hi sisters.

I have a quick photo to share with you today, courtesy of Miriam.

Raising kids is a lot of work, and most of it feels like drudgery much of the time. So many dishes, so much laundry. Lots of cleaning. Ungrateful children who don’t eat the food you make for them and won’t help around the house. Lots of sleepless nights, doctor’s appointments, packing school lunches, etc. Every once in awhile, though, I get a little reward that keeps me going. Just last week I was putting Eve down for a nap and she was resisting (as she often does). Miriam came in the room with a painting she had been working on. And there it was, just a simple message but one that gave me hope for these kids I am raising:

letter to Eve

Isn’t that great? I’m happy that she feels that way. These two, they will always have each other just like we have each other.

Sending my love to you all,


Christmas 2015: A Look Back

Dear sisters,

It’s only been a few weeks since Christmas, but our trip back East felt so momentous that I had to document it here on the blog. Here’s the headline I give when talking about our trip:

We drove about 55 hours over 16 days and went through 10 states to visit both of our families. On our first day we decided to drive over 1000 miles to get to Alfred, NY. Calvin was pretty much an angel baby in the car and handled the whole trip with minimal fussing (though it helped that I could nurse him in his car seat and sat and read many books to him when he got bored, I’m so thankful that books hold his attention for awhile).

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Welcoming 2016

Hi sisters.

People have been asking me how my holidays went. It’s a common small talk question, and one that probably I should just answer with a quick “fine” or “wonderful, how about yours?” But I have been feeling like being honest, so I say, well, my grandmother died two days after Christmas, and I went to her funeral on New Year’s Day. That same day I also got news that Eve’s daycare temporarily closed for a few weeks. So it’s been a bit of a roller coaster.

I can't bear to take this card down. It will probably stay on our fridge for awhile.
Grandma gave this to Eve when she was at our house for Eve’s one year birthday party in November. It will probably stay on our fridge for awhile.

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Throwback Thursday: CHRISTMAS!

Dear sisters,

Every time the holiday season comes around Kevin and I are hit hard with a big dose of nostalgia and sentimentality. Decorations, Christmas music, eggnog, cookies and treats; they’re all very welcome guests in our house! If you added up all of my childhood memories I think at least 50% of them would be from Christmastime. It’s such a vivid time of year with excitement and anticipation galore, a perfect recipe for lasting memories.

My first Christmas!
Calvin’s first Christmas! I see a bit of family resemblance :-).

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The birth of Thaddeus

Dear sisters,

Here’s the facts: We were delivered of a baby boy on Tuesday, the 16 of June 2015, on my second day of maternity leave.  I was 39 weeks pregnant.  Thaddeus joined the world at 11:55 PM, born into an inflatable pool of warm water in the kitchen, where the table usually rests, while his older brother and sister slept upstairs in their bedroom.  When Archer was born, one of the first things I noticed his cleft chin.  With Era, I noticed her cheek dimple.  With Thaddeus, the first thing we said was ‘Look at his hair!’  And LOOK AT IT!  What a glorious head of hair he has.  I have to say, that the whole heartburn / hair old wives’ tale checks out this time around.

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