A Day in the Life: Staying home with two

Dear sisters,

I’ve thought of many different blog posts that I would love to post, but I’ll take baby steps back into blogging with this Day in the Life post. I enjoy reading other people’s posts in this format, it is fascinating and comforting to know how similar and different our lives are! So, here goes: Continue reading “A Day in the Life: Staying home with two”

food, glorious food

Hi sisters.

I have felt my creative cooking energy returning with the influx of fresh produce with the start of summer. I thought I’d share with you what’s been happening in our kitchen recently.

My love affair with rhubarb continues. I’m so intrigued by it. It’s used mostly in desserts but it’s sour. I love that! I’ve been playing around with having it as the centerpiece of a dessert rather than always pairing it with something else. Recently I made this galette which turned out great, so I made it again. Caution: use less sugar than what is listed, if you want the nice sour flavor to come through. I used maybe 1/3 a cup the first time I made it and it was great. The second time I followed the recipe more closely (I probably added 1/2 cup, maybe more?) and it was a bit too sweet.

I also like to make rhubarb simple syrup for cocktails. It’s such a pretty light pink color and it adds a unique flavor to drinks. We made this cocktail with the simple syrup and enjoyed it (note: use less sugar for the syrup–you definitely don’t need a full cup!). You’ll notice that the cocktail and the galette both pair rhubarb with ginger–it’s a great combination.

All the rhubarb in all the things! Cocktails and galette.
All the rhubarb in all the things! Cocktails and galette.

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Calvin’s first year for posterity

Dear sisters,

Kevin and I have never been huge celebrators of things. Birthdays and anniversaries go by with smiles and sweet thoughts, sometimes a present or special meal, but usually we just celebrate the little things throughout the year. Moments when we have extra in our budget and can go get flowers for the yard, or when we’ve saved up enough to get a new laptop and can pull the trigger, or when we’re not too tired and seem to be working extra well together and everything clicks. Every once in awhile something comes along that feels extraordinary, worth celebrating to the max. Calvin turning one fit the bill. Continue reading “Calvin’s first year for posterity”

Mom Confessions

Dear sisters,

After almost a year of being a mother I realized I had to share some of those moments where I am left questioning who am I? Warning, this could be a bit gross to some people.

The moment I drank out of my son’s sippy cup rather than walk across the room to get my water bottle. Yeah, that happened…a few times…That thing is hard to drink out of too. They’re really trying to prevent him from getting too much water at once. I had to suck on it for like…30 seconds to get a moderate amount of water. Was it worth it? Yeah, I really didn’t want to get up.

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the state of our household

Hi sisters.

Life continues at its hectic pace around here. So much happens at home with my little family and I miss taking the time to sit down and write to you all about it. So, I thought I’d try and summarize a bit.

Miriam always requests icing cookies when we bake together
Miriam always requests icing cookies when we bake together

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Milwaukee Family Vacation

Hello sisters,

The last weekend of February Kevin and I decided to take a little time off (prompted by our babysitter needing a Thursday and Friday off) and go on a mini family vacation. The end of January into February ended up being a more stressful time for us; the hot water heating pipes in our attic crawlspace burst and leaked onto Calvin’s ceiling and down into our basement (fixing it all wasn’t too horrible, luckily), Kevin and I got food poisoning a week after that happened, then two weeks later we all got colds. Combine that with a weekend of Chamber Chorale concerts Feb. 13 and 14 and we were really needing a break from our hectic home life. One of my favorite things about our trip home over the holidays was how road-tripping makes you feel like a little family bubble, working together and being free from all schedules and routines. We wanted that feeling again, so we decided to drive to Milwaukee, WI for a very quick trip. Continue reading “Milwaukee Family Vacation”

The Merit of Family and the Farming Life

Esther here, but readers, we’ll be trying something new where we join together for a post! Look for the name in bold that starts a new sister’s section 🙂

Sisters, I enjoyed seeing three of you at our Buckwalter family reunion this past weekend! I love that the Buckwalters make a commitment to reuniting often. Marcus, who was meeting our extended Buckwalter family for the first time this weekend, said, “It’s like much of the niceness and peacefulness in the world got taken away from everybody else and put into your family,” so I think it’s safe to say he liked our family 🙂

You'll never find a more attractive view.
“You’ll never find a more attractive view.” –Jewel

Sometimes I think to myself how well the farming lifestyle molded our aunts and uncles. Continue reading “The Merit of Family and the Farming Life”