Throwback Thursday: CHRISTMAS!

Dear sisters,

Every time the holiday season comes around Kevin and I are hit hard with a big dose of nostalgia and sentimentality. Decorations, Christmas music, eggnog, cookies and treats; they’re all very welcome guests in our house! If you added up all of my childhood memories I think at least 50% of them would be from Christmastime. It’s such a vivid time of year with excitement and anticipation galore, a perfect recipe for lasting memories.

My first Christmas!
Calvin’s first Christmas! I see a bit of family resemblance :-).

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Organizing our lives

Hi sisters,

After 6.5 years of marriage Kevin and I have finally hit upon some tools that really help us communicate effectively. We would often get frustrated over the little details in our lives and how often one of us would forget something or miscommunicate our plans/desires/budget. Though it seems a bit over the top sometimes, we both really love organizing and listing aspects of our lives via technology. Here’s what really works for us now.

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